Libnova to collaborate with UNED LINHD

libnova has launched its collaboration with the Research Center on Digital Humanities at UNED.

LINHD works as a framework for innovation, research, consulting and training to researchers and projects in Spanish.

LINDH aims to offer a new approach to research by making it collaborative, team-centered, interdisciplinary, boundless, and non-hierarchical, grounded on innovation and on the exchange of ideas as a source of enrichment via a flexible, suitable system for the concrete needs of the moment and user.

LINDH wants to fulfill the increasing needs arising from new knowledge broadcasting systems. For that purpose, LINDH offers various solutions to develop research projects and infrastructures, both for researchers or professors who wish to be trained individually or occasionally on Digital Humanities and for companies, institutions or organizations, which need to adapt to change and new trends on technology applied to Digital Humanities, ranging from systems traditionally used in libraries or the Information Sciences to the newest technologies on visualization and the semantic web.

libnova will add LINHD its experience in digital preservation and processing of the information generated and stored in digital formats.

More info at LINHD web page.