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The software that makes digital preservation easy

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Your digital collection, preserved forever

libsafe is a digital preservation software designed for long-term preservation of files, data and digital collections of high value, such as digitisation masters or geological, legal, medical, or any other kind of information.

  • Simple and practical. Based on our experience of preservation at the National Library of Spain, so that it is adapted to real use.
  • You always remain in control. The collection is managed in your storage with your formats and metadata models.
  • Safe. OAIS and ISO 14,721 compliant.
  • Complete. Since ingestion to format transformation and retrieval of information.
  • Flexible and powerful. It preserves any data format with any preservation plan you choose.

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Long term digital preservation is much more than archiving

As responsible of maintaining digital assets for the long term, you face complex challenges that traditional storage does not solve:

  • Large volumes of information. More than those normally handled in the daily operation.
  • Very long-term retention. Several years, decades or even virtually forever.
  • No change. The information preserved is not and should be never changed.
  • Very low frequency of access (in many cases only for audit and control).
  • Evolution of technology. The formats and media evolve, but your information must remain accessible and usable.
  • Keeping information secure and unaltered. The preserved copy is sometimes unique.

The solution is digital preservation, a set of methodologies and processes that ensure long-term usability of digital files. Digital preservation manages risks on your digital collection, from the most basic, like failures of storage media, to the most complex, such as formats obsolescence or documentation metadata.

1-click preservation with libsafe

libsafe platform is digital preservation made simple, practical and sustainable.

With a quick installation and in one click, your digital collection will be controlled, maintained and available forever.