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Use case
Preservation and retrieval of datasets

Massive volume of structured data

  • Generated in scientific research projects, raw materials mining, sensorization, big-data or geospatial information.
  • Many structured data, but in a lot of cases these structures and its metadata are custom and complex.
  • Data of the highest value, both for the cost of generating them, and for its future use.
  • They are stored unused for long periods of time. In the future they will be reused, with new procedures and technologies.
Datos digitales
Imagen de la plataforma de preservación digital libsafe (software) y libdata (cabina de almacenamiento)

The solution: libsafe preservation

  • Custom quality control, that allows the definition of processes to control de quality and correctness of income data.
  • Total flexibility. It preserves any type of file and import any metadata schema. With capability of data transformation thanks to its plug-in architecture.
  • Controlled copies. You can archive as many copies of the info as you like, and each of them are audited and verified independently. So, it is ensured that any error or change is not transferred. Our recommendation is to keep one copy in your usual storage and another copy in a libdata unit.
  • Source data. The files are preserved, controlled and retrieved in the same format than they are generated, ready to be used again.

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