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Use case
Digitizing historical archives

Digital preservation in historical archives

  • Their fonds are wide. They cover from acts and legal text to maps or any other deposit.
  • Classification is very complex.
  • The masters are very valuable and are accessed to get high quality copies, legal validation or create derivative works.
  • In some cases, they are digitised on demand, depending on the need to reproduce the object. Due to this, keeping coherence in formats and processes is more complex.
  • They are stored on DVD and offline disks. These media are difficult to document and to link to an online catalogue.
Interior de un archivo
Imagen de la plataforma de preservación digital libsafe (software) y libdata (cabina de almacenamiento)

The solution: preserving with libsafe

  • Fast delivery, thanks to the default preservation plan for archives, included with libsafe.
  • Advanced metadata management. Built-in ISAD(g) filter, and possibility to import any custom metadata schema.
  • Format control, that ensures that the files are correct according to your policies. Regardless of the source and digitization project.
  • At least, two copies for each object. Our recommendation is to keep one copy on your usual storage and a copy on libdata units.
  • Built-in catalogue, so that searching and using your master will be even easier.

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