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Use cases and applications

libsafe is the optimal platform for digital preservation. libnova has designed libsafe for the preservation of large volume of information and complex digital objects, but is so flexible and easy to use that it is ideal for any type of collections.

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Digital preservation in libraries

A big part of our culture is deposited in libraries. Not only books: audio records, video, pictures… Many of their fonds are now digitised.

The high resolution masters are useful both for spreading the knowledge and for protecting the original artwork and unique editions.

Discover how these master copies generated during the digitisation projects can be preserved with libsafe.

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Interior de una archivo

Historical archives digitisation

The digitisation of historical and heritage archives is key. Their fonds are part of our history, and one of the key missions of these institutions is allowing their public access. The fonds managed are very massive, and the cataloging process is very complex.

The digital copies must be kept long term, transforming the traditional mission of the archives into the digital world. libsafe is designed to make this task simple and sustainable.

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Dataos digitales

Digital data preservation

In scientific research, in geological prospecting and extraction of raw materials, in cartography, a huge amount of structured digital data are generated, and they must be preserved for the long term.

Although they are well structured, their formats can be very particular and the documentation and metadata, very complex.

Only a flexible and powerful tool as libsafe can face a digital preservation project of this kind, in a rapid and simple way.

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