libsafe digital preservation platform.
Easy. Practical. Sustainable.

Imagen de la plataforma de preservación digital libsafe (software) y libdata (cabina de almacenamiento)

If you are responsible for maintaining large amounts of digital information long-term, you know that it is a complex task. You must deal with challenges far beyond the storage and and archive of files.

  • The obsolescence of formats, of both storage media and files themselves.
  • The media degradation: they cease to be reliable in 5 to 7 years, on average.
  • The need to maintain the objects properly documented and cataloged.
  • The cost of archiving large amounts of information over time.

Therefore, the traditional means for digital storing and archiving (such as backup, DVDs, external drives or storage arrays), on their own, do not work.

The solution is to apply methodologies of digital preservation. But digital preservation, such as defined by OAIS and ISO 14.721, is a very complex discipline, which must take into account many aspects, and it is only effective if it is seen as an integral process.

libsafe: digital preservation made ​​easy

libnova has created the libsafe platform for digital preservation. With libsafe you can archive while ensuring usability in the long-term in a easy and affordable manner.

The libsafe platform is formed by:

  • The libsafe software that manages and ensures the preservation of your collection over time.
  • The libdata storage, which substantially reduces the cost and makes digital archive of large collections, sustainable.